United Prayer Ministry’s Involvement Around the World
We hope you will enjoy learning about the different areas around the world where United Prayer Ministry is involved. The focus of UPM is prayer and evangelism. Evelyn Christenson, the founder and chairman of UPM, has authored over 12 books and numerous Bible study materials. She taught prayer and evangelism in every continent of the world, and her material has been translated into many languages. Although Evelyn is not traveling internationally as in earlier years, UPM is still active in reaching souls for Jesus Christ at home and around the world.

  • Trans World Radio (TWR) is the most far-reaching Christian radio network in the world. Programs in over 225 languages and dialects are aired from more than 2,000 outlets around the world, including 14 international broadcasting locations.
    United Prayer Ministry has had a long-standing relationship with TWR for over 30 years. UPM now broadcasts into India in English and Hindi from Sri Lanka. We also broadcast from Uruguay which reaches into Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.
  • Languages Initiative is an exciting new ministry which focuses on evangelism to non-English speaking people here in America. The World is at America’s Doorstep, and we want to take every opportunity to reach these foreign speakers in our country with Jesus Christ. We use the book A Study Guide for Evangelism Praying by Evelyn Christenson. It is translated in over 60 languages, and used successfully on every continent.
    People in ethnic churches here in the United States are taught to follow A Study Guide for Evangelism Praying’s biblical instructions step by step, and to pray in Triplets or groups of three for family and friends who do not yet know Christ. The Census Bureau estimates that about 30% of all legal immigrants decide to leave the U.S. and return to their home countries. If these newly trained missionaries return home with the Gospel, we have reached more people of another country unencumbered by cultural and language barriers.
  • A Study Guide for Evangelism Praying on the Website is another wonderful opportunity to declare the Gospel. A Study Guide for Evangelism Praying by Evelyn Christenson is translated in over 60 languages, and is used successfully on every continent. This book presents the heart of the Gospel of Jesus condensed into a few pages. It is deliberately kept simple so everyone around the world can understand it and be able to afford to use it. It is purposefully written in outline form to give the most crucial points of the Gospel. It also teaches evangelism through triplet praying.
    United Prayer Ministry is putting this book FREE on our website in many languages so people around the world can have easy access to the Gospel of Jesus. We now have the Study Guide in 8 languages on our website, and it is our prayer that we will be able to make available to the world all 60 languages some day.
  • United Prayer Ministry is involved in several Para-Church Organizations. We send a representative to the National Day of Prayer organizational meetings now under the leadership of Shirley Dobson which brings the United States of America our National Day of Prayer. Vonette Bright invited Evelyn along with others to form our National Prayer Committee in the seventies. This committee was responsible for the United States Congress under the leadership of President Reagan to officially establish every first Thursday in May as our National Day of Prayer. Evelyn was one of the founding leaders who organized the National Day of Prayer and UPM is still very involved.
    We are also involved with the Mission America Coalition. The coalition consists of many top leaders of Christian organizations from around the United States. Their main focus is to evangelize the United States.
    Evelyn is very involved with the Global Day of Prayer. On Pentecost Sunday, which is the Global Day of Prayer, they are expecting over 250 million Christians world-wide in over 200 countries to be connected by satellite, T.V. and radio for a huge prayer and worship meeting. Christians pray from when the sun rises until it sets in their country so our world can be filled with prayer for the Lord’s glory on one day. UPM is one of several ministries involved in organizing the Global Day of Prayer in Minneapolis which will be the only U.S. city to televise this event in 2009.




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