(Proclaiming Jesus Christ as the Answer to Every Human Need)
Do you desire a more active role in helping people accept Jesus but arenít sure how to begin? Evelyn Christenson, a leader in the international prayer movement, presents a complete yet simple approach for reaching the lost for Christ. Praying Godís Way will help you understand why God needs you for this important task, undertake the personal preparation to be effective, and start a three-person prayer group for reaching those whom Christ loves. This book is an expanded version in narrative form of A Study Guide for Evangelism Praying. It has 255 pages.

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This book presents the heart of the Gospel of Jesus condensed into a few pages. It is deliberately kept simple so everyone around the world can understand it and afford to use it. It is purposefully written in outline form to give the most crucial points of the Gospel. This book is a complete yet simple way to reach those without Jesus. This book also outlines the steps for starting a powerful Triplet Prayer Program, which teaches evangelism through 3-person prayer groups. The study guide was developed as curriculum for the AD2000 movement. A Study Guide for Evangelism Praying by Evelyn Christenson is translated in over 60 languages, and has been used successfully on every continent of the world. While it is sold only in English in this bookstore, it can be downloaded FREE in many different languages using the ďStudy Guide ď tab on this website. It has 71 pages.

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